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What we do

Digital Distribution

We distribute your songs to all major download shops and streaming services worldwide like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, Google Play and 250 more.

Youtube Monetization

We monetize your Youtube Videos and fingerprint your music. This lets you earn money anytime your music is used in videos from other users on Youtube.

Label Services

If you are a producer or a musician looking to found a label to publish your music we offer you the best solution. Get in touch for your personal label plan.

Music Marketing

We distribute your music to an ever growing catalogue of online stores and streaming platforms and market your music in the shops directly with our partners to maximize your earnings and fan base.


Who we work with

We distribute your songs to all major online shops worldwide like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play and 250 more. We are music marketing specialists promoting your music directly to the shops.

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Our workflow

Submit your music via an Upload form or

Fill out the submission form so we can set your metadata and song information.

We get in touch with you within 24h to plan your release and create a release plan including marketing solutions to opt in.

Your content is delivered to the stores, if requested within 24 hours. Our marketing department is in touch with all major download stores to make sure that premium products get premium placements.

Release day! From now on we will account your earnings and pay outs transparent and on a regular basis – waiting for you to drop your new release.


The digital music market in 2020

The German Association of Music Industry prognosticated the following shares on the music market in 2020. We are ready for it, come join us!


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