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Worldwide Distribution

We deliver your music to all major download stores and streaming services like Spotify, iTunes, AmazonMP3, Apple Music, Tidal and 250 + stores worldwide.


 We are specialized in urban music genres like dancehall, reggae, hip hop, funk, latin, afro beat but we also distribute genres like pop, rock and more.   

Store Marketing

Our Marketing Department is in regular contact with major download stores and streaming platforms in the major territories: GSA, France, England, USA and Asia. If promotional information for the release is provided and is approved by the shops, we can give it an extra boost to get premium placements and features in the stores to increase your sales.

Keep you rights

We enter an agreement to only get the rights necessary to distribute your music digitally. You will keep all other rights.

Data delivery 

Easy upload function with a content hub or with wetransfer.com. Just submit your file and the song information and we take care of the EAN and ISRC codes.